Eram Infotech | Onam Celebrations 2015
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Onam Celebrations 2015

Onam Celebrations 2015

Onam is a time to show off our vast cultural heritage and rich variety for all the Keralites who celebrate it with much vigor than any other festival. Beautifully decorated Pookalam, ambrosial Onasadya, breathtaking Snake Boat Race and exotic Kaikottikali dance are some of the most remarkable features of Onam. Moreover, we celebrate Onam regardless of our religious background and on this very day we all come together, enjoy like we are from one family.

Onam was celebrated in grand way at our office Eram Infotech, Technopark Phase III. We were all dressed up according to the Kerala traditional way(Onakodi), women were dressed in saris and men in Mundu. Family members of many employees too came to be a part of our Onam which was a heart-warming experience.


Onam 2015-01

Eram Family


We started our celebration by making ‘Onapookalam’, everyone contributed to this beautiful fun-filled event.


Onam 2015-03


Onam 2015-04

Beautiful Pookalam being prepared by our employees.


Onam 2015-11

Onam Pookalam by Eram


After Onapookalam we all gathered for ‘Onapattu’ where onam melodies were sung by our seniors, furthermore adding to this all employees and staffs joined them to raise the excitement even more.


Onam 2015-05

Onapattu by our employees.


Onapattu was followed by the speech from our company Director Mr.Ranjith KS and Marketing Vice-President Mr.K Jayakrishnan Nair. After the short speech from our respective heads we moved on to the fun part of Onam which was Games,first to start with was ‘Sundarikku Pottuthodal’, wherein fun and participation level was beyond imagination. Completion of the first game was followed up by ‘Onam Sadya’. The employees and staffs enjoyed the sumptuous Onam feast which was served to them.

Subsequent to ample rest, we continued our games starting with ‘Balloon Chavittipottikal’, ‘Passing the Onapanthu’, ‘Musical Chair’ for which all the participants showed great level of sportiveness and to boost them up our audience were always ready.

The main attraction of the Onam merrymaking was when the celebration extravaganza for Eram reached its helm when the ‘Maveli’, ‘pulikali’ team which included a ‘puli’ and a ‘shikkari’ joined us and we started our ‘Onam Ghoshayathra’ to different companies wishing them Onam and making them all a part of our celebration as Onam is a festival of togetherness.


Onam 2015-02

Eram family with Maveli, Puli and Shikkari


Onam 2015-09

Eram Ghoshayathra


Moving towards the closing of the wonderful day, we had the regular Birthday celebration of our employees whose Birthday fall under that particular month. Regarding the celebration we all had fun and experienced them upto the fullest. Going back home though we were tired but had a smile on the face by remembering the fun we had together on this wonderful Onam Celebration.


Birthday Celebration at our office.

Birthday Celebration at our office.



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