Bringing blockchain technology and influencer marketing together is a partnership of the century

Digiflex has decided not to ignore the emerging trend of implementing Blockchain in Influencer Marketing.

As a result of blockchain's bursting into our lives as an eddy wind, here's what we've discovered. Besides banks and fintech startups, players from other non-financial markets are also paying attention to this technology and seeking ways to take advantage of its opportunities.

Blockchain has become popular in the fields of the Internet of Things, diamonds, data management, and gambling — yet another vivid example of how entrepreneur's imagination is limitless and rich. Maybe it's a normal state of affairs when we talk about Blockchain entering the influencer marketing arena.

If you can't imagine, keep reading, we have prepared some food for thought just for you. First of all, let us remind you that influencer marketing is the promotion of goods and services through popular bloggers on various online platforms.

The influencer market is expected to reach $10 billion by 2020, making it the most popular method for running advertising campaigns.

A product's awareness can be driven by celebrities and micro-influencers. Several studies have shown that when micro and mid-tier influencers are involved in advertising campaigns for a brand, ROI increases.

But let's get right to it. Every minute, tons of information are gathered in the digital sphere for marketing purposes.

Brands use this data to create appropriate targeting campaigns. We are faced with a critical issue here. It is estimated that a large portion of this traffic is fraudulent, causing the marketing industry to lose a lot of money.

Since brands invest huge amounts of capital (and sometimes lose money) to attract potential clients, many bloggers have to find alternative ways to get their message across.

This is where influencer marketing comes into play. It is replete with values.And as for me, in the digital world, if you are not ahead, you are far behind the times.Influencer marketing is undergoing some changes today because of the PC-based ecosystem that has gained the attention of the universe: Blockchain technology.

The blockchain sphere is a perfect place for influencer marketing campaigns, both beneficial to brands and promoters, as trust is an integral part of the attractiveness of blockchain technology, which is reliable and trustworthy.

As a result of everything mentioned above, blockchain technologies will be approved by marketing experts in the near future. In order to simplify transactions, distributed ledgers and decentralized technologies will increasingly be used. Every party concerned can take advantage of these technologies in a safe, trustful environment. It is certain that these innovations will continue to influence influencer marketing and all aspects of digital marketing in the future.

Big changes coming to the old marketing. Stay at the heart of it all with Digiflex!

Final thoughts

Any holistic digital marketing strategy must include social media advertising campaigns. You don't have to be present across all channels, but you must go where your audience hangs out.

Each platform has a different target audience and a different ad format. In order to ensure your social media advertising strategy is successful, you need to understand your audience first. In case you're lost, social media marketing experts can guide you every step of the way.